SPAIN arts & culture
SPAIN arts & culture is a new brand to show the spanish arts and culture to the U.S.
SPAIN arts & culture
In 2010 the Barcelona based graphic design studio Toormix, was asked to create a new brand, using the name ‘Spain, Arts & Culture’ to reflect all the expressions of Spain, and convey the cultural variety of the country. Without doubt it was a difficult yet exciting assigment as there is much of Spain to talk about and summarizing all of that into one image is no easy task.


Spain, Arts & Culture was conceived with the idea to be a universal brand for all Spanish Culture: a brand that is identified and recognized by everyone. It must be a brand that is capable of integrating the past with the present. For this concept we worked on what defines the history of Spain, on what identifies it, but also what differentiates it from the history of other countries. The imprint of the different cultures left throughout time: the Romans, Arabs, and Northern European tribes among others have shaped Spain’s history. It is much like nature, when the Earth takes ordinary minerals and turns them into precious gems over time. But just as Spain is a combination of living cultures, it is a stone that is continuously shaped and polished in different ways by the constant influences and the many creators that form it.

An evolving stone, therefore, is the new symbol that helps us reach the United States from the other side of the Atlantic, a stone that moves, almost alive, that evolves constantly and shows new expressions with each step it takes. We present to you the new brand that represents Spanish culture. It is a gem that wants to be discovered and admired, because many engravers have worked on it and others continue to give it shape. There is much to be discovered.
Color variations:
The fonts:

font designed specifically for this project by toormix.
Pradell font designed by Andreu Balius.
The spring season program 2011:

Cover illustration by Alex Trochut.
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